Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!

1. Not sure kennels/cattery are the right choice for your dog/cat?

Greendale Farm Kennels and Cattery regularly accept new boarders. In order to make sure the dog/cat will settle with us during the stay, we encourage owners to book in a one night board. By using the one night board, the staff at Greendale Farm can see how the dog/cat behaves on the day of drop off and the day of pick up. They are able to assess the behaviour of the new boarder during this time, and conclude if they think kennels/cattery is a good option for that dog/cat. We then encourage owners to build up the stay from a couple of nights, to a week to longer. This can help the dog/cat feel more comfortable with the surroundings. The kennel/cattery environment is not for every dog/cat, and therefore at Greendale Farm if a dog/cat is not coping or is showing signs of stress, the staff will contact the owners/contacts immediately. The staff at Greendale Farm will take as many contacts as the owner wishes, in order to make sure they are contactable. In order to make new boarders feel more at ease, the staff at Greendale Farm encourage owners to bring in own bedding, toys, treats and anything they think will make the experience happy for the dog/cat. Greendale Farm also encourages owners to bring their own food in for their dog/cat if they feel that they would prefer their own food, are fussy eaters or easily get an upset stomach.

  1. What is our vaccination policy and why? 

All vaccinations for our dog and cat boarders must be done AT LEAST 14 days PRIOR to their board. Their vaccines must NOT run out during the time of their stay. A current vaccination certificate must be presented at reception when you bring your pet in. If we do not see the vaccination certificate, we will need to call the vets for confirmation. If we need to use our landline, there will be a £5.00 fee. You will be asked when you first bring your pet in, to sign a vaccination form, to say you are aware of all the above. This is also stated in our Terms and Conditions on the website, facebook, our leaflets, boarding forms and around reception. We follow the DEFRA licence by ensuring all animals are fully vaccinated. For cats, they must be vaccinated with their annual booster and for dogs they must have their annual booster, lepto and kennel cough. We do not accept responsibility for vaccinations not being up to date. By following our policy, means that ALL of our boarding animals are as safe as possible. If your dog or cat has recently shown any symptoms of any of the infections/diseases they are vaccinated against – you must make contact with us immediately. We also fully advise you speak to your vet about these symptoms.

  1. Why do we not refund deposits? 

Deposits will be asked for to secure bookings, however you will receive this back once you pay on arrival for your boarding. All deposits taken are NON REFUNDABLE, NON TRANSFERABLE and will not be used as credit for a future booking. Due to being such a popular facility, we get fully booked exceptionally fast, and have waiting lists for our holiday periods. We do not refund deposits as the kennel/pen was booked out for you, and may not be able to be filled. As of the 1st September 2019, should you wish to shorten your pets board within holidays, you will need to give us a minimum of 2 week’s notice prior to the board. Our holidays include, February half term, Easter holidays, May half term, Summer holidays, October Half term and Christmas holidays. If you do not give us 2 week’s notice, then you will have to pay the full board you originally booked. This is due to too many bookings being shortened at too late notice when that kennel/cat pen could have been filled by another boarder. Please remember, we do have constant waiting lists for our kennels and cat pens during our busy periods, so giving us the two or more weeks’ notice means we can give that space to another boarder. Thank you all for your continued support!

  1. What are our opening times?

Monday to Saturday
8:30am – 11:00am
3:00pm – 5:00pm

(If you pick up between 8:30 and 9:00am you do not get charged for the day)

10:00am – 11:30am
3:30pm – 4:30pm

(Afternoon is for collections only, no drop offs. If you drop off in the afternoon on the Sunday, you will be charged the out of hours fee).

There is now a £20.00 Surcharge if you come out of hours.

Greendale Phone lines open from 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Sunday.

  1. Why do we not socialise or mix dogs?

We DO NOT socialise dogs while they are staying with us. This is not only for their safety, but means they get 121 attention with the staff. No dogs leave site while boarding with us and no dogs are left unattended outside their kennel. During this time they also get a daily health check. Therefore – we are of course more than happy to take reactive dogs!

  1. Will we take dogs with behavioural problems/rescue dogs?

We are more than happy to take dogs with behavioural problems! We have had many customers be turned away from other kennels due to their dog having behavioural problems or being reactive, but with qualified staff here as well as a force free, reward based, qualified trainer/behaviourist, we are happy to work alongside you and your dog to ensure they can board with us and are happy doing so! We are also a well-known Kennels for taking dogs that suffer from behavioural problems and are reactive towards other dogs or people, therefor being guaranteed a walk and play alone away from other dogs benefits them.

  1. Do we except any breed/size/age of dog or cat?

YES! We have no restrictions on breeds of dogs or cats, or sizes! We can accommodate to all who want to board with us! In terms of age, providing they are fully vaccinated then we can accept them young. We do encourage young dogs, new customers, or older dogs to do a TRIAL STAY first, so we can see how they get on before booking a long board. This helps puppies and kittens get used to the environment. We will take older animals too, however we ask you to discuss this with your vet first to ensure that its the right decision for them and potentially allow us to chat with your vet too. The animals welfare is our main priority, and a new environment can be very stressful for older animals and they may not cope well, which could be very bad for their physical health. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call and we will happily discuss it with you. Whilst every possible care and attention is given to each animal boarded at Greendale, we cannot be held responsible for loss from ongoing medical conditions or old age.

  1. What is included in our prices?

Dogs: A licenced, insured heated kennel and individual outdoor run which includes a plastic or raised bed, fleeces, blankets, duvets and water bowls/buckets. Stands are provided for larger dogs. Daily cleaning of the kennels, ensuring they are cleaned with award winning chemicals to the highest standard possible. This includes cleaning their bedding, bowls, kennel floors, walls etc. Daily 121 exercise with the staff, and you get to choose if you dog stays on lead or can play off lead. Either way there are lots of toys to play with! There are agility jumps in the paddocks, as well as our new sensory garden in our on lead area! A varierty of quality foods from biscuits to meats – you are also welcome to bring your own if you want! We will accept any feeds brought in from customers too – we have a freezer for raw/frozen food! Bed time treats and daily treats are also given to our boarding dogs including endless amounts of high value treats including cheese, cocktail sausages, hotdogs and dry training treats! We also have grain free treats! Enrichment – We provide kongs, lick mats and food toys for your dog to enjoy in their kennel! These can be stuffed with lots of treats! We provide the stuffing’s – you can bring your own if you wish! In hours medication is also included and we are happy to administer any medication that is needed, as well as administering ear/eye drops, cleaning wounds and giving injections. Insurance for while your dog is boarding with us is also included with a member of staff on site 24/7, as well as us working closely with the 24hr vets in case of an emergency. You also get highly trained and qualified staff, from animal behaviour, care and management to animal first aid and human first aid.

Cats: A licenced, insured heated cat pen and individual outdoor pen away from the kennels, which includes a plastic bed, fleeces, blankets, water bowls, food bowls and scratch posts! Daily cleaning of the cat pens, ensuring they are cleaned with award winning chemicals to the highest standard possible. This includes cleaning their bedding, bowls, floors, walls and scratch posts if needed! We will accept any feeds brought in from customers but also have a range of food here! We also are always stocked up with dreamies! In hours medication is also included and we are happy to administer any medication that is needed, as well as administering ear/eye drops, cleaning wounds and giving injections. Insurance for while your cat is boarding with us is also included with a member of staff on site 24/7, as well as us working closely with the 24hr vets in case of an emergency. You also get highly trained and qualified staff, from animal behaviour, care and management to animal first aid and human first aid.

All the kennels and cattery have classical calming music played through the day!

  1. Do we accept donations?

We do indeed! As you can imagine, we get through bedding like no tomorrow, especially with our dogs! Therefore, we do accept towels, blankets, duvets (not feather), duvet covers and toys! We support our local rescue centres too, and will happily point you in their direction if you want to donate items to a charity!

  1. What should you bring with you when you drop your pet off?

When you come to Greendale to drop your pet off, make sure you bring:

  • Vaccination Card
  • Microchip Number
  • Food if you wish for your pet to be kept on their own food
  • Special feeders (Anti-gobble bowls etc)
  • Any bedding you want your pet to have from home (Please ensure this is labelled)
  • Any treats from home you want your pet to have (We have loads here if you don’t want to bring your own!)
  • Harness/muzzle for dogs if needed
  • A secure cat carrier for your cat
  • Emergency contacts – as many as you want!
  • Details on ALL medications or any new medical problems!
  1. What paperwork do I need to fill out?

When you bring your pet into Greendale for the first time, you will be asked to read and sign a range of forms. Once you have signed these once, you never have to do them again!

The forms you will need to sign are the following:

  • GDPR form (Data Protection)
  • Boarding Questionnaire (This covers medical problems, behavioural problems, feeding, etc)
  • Lead Consent (How you want your dog to be walked – On lead/Off lead/Don’t Mind. All our facilities are fully secure)
  • Deposit Consent (To say you are happy for us to take non-refundable deposits over our holiday periods)
  • Photo Consent (To say you are happy for us to post pictures of your pets on facebook and the website)
  • Vaccination Form (To say you are aware of our vaccine policy, and that if your pets vaccines are not up to date, they will not be able to stay with us)
  • Medical Disclaimer (If your pet is on any medication)
  • Enrichment Consent (To say you are happy for us to give your dog Kongs/treat balls etc)

The reason behind all of these forms is to ensure we are maintaining the highest standard we can, and following the DEFRA regulations precisely  so we can provide the best care for your pets. Each time you bring your pet in, you will be asked to sign the booking form, to confirm you are aware of our T’s and C’s. You will then get your receipt when you pick your pet up.

  1. If I bring my own food or bedding, will this reduce the price?

We encourage owners to bring their pets own food if they are on a special diet, are on a puppy or kitten food, are fussy eaters, or if you just think they would prefer theres! Owners are also more than welcome to bring as much bedding with their pets as they wish, providing it is labelled. However, this does not reduce the price of the board.

  1. Can I come and have a look around?

YES! We welcome customers to come and have a look around. You will see when you are shown around that nothing is hidden. You will be able to see everything! We do ask not to bring your pet with you if you come to look around. If you do, a member of staff will need to wait in reception with your pet while another member of staff shows you around. If you have a dog with behavioural problems or a dog who is nervous, please call us in advance and we can arrange for you to bring your dog up with you for us to meet him/her. Someone will still have to wait with your dog while we show you around, or you can pop them in the car. Feel free to come and have a look around anytime within our opening hours – We do ask that you make an appointment now since COVID so we can carry on minimising customers on site for everyones safety!

  1. How do we accept payment?

We accept payment either in card or cash. Deposits can be made in person or over the phone. All boards must be paid in full on the day of arrival. We do not accept American Express.

  1. What vets are close to us?
  • Cherry Tree Vets – Lane End –
  • Crossroads Vets – High Wycombe –
  • Temple End – High Wycombe –
  • Hall Place – Stokenchurch –
  1. Do we support any charities? 

YES! We support Stokenchurch Dog Rescue and Blue Cross Lewknor regularly as well as smaller animal charities too. We have adoption posters in reception with pets needing homes on! Please visit their websites to see if you can help!


17.  My dog/cat is on medication’s. Will you still take my pet?

YES! We are more than happy to accept dogs and cats on medications and with health problems (providing they will be comfortable within the kennel/cattery environment). We ask that you inform us fully of all details when booking, and then explain all medications/dressings/injections etc to us. We also ask that you bring in a list of their medications and how they are to be administered for our reference. We ask for an emergency contact for all animals who may need picking up due to health problems.

18.  How far in advance should I book?

Outside of the holidays we usually have space in the kennels and cattery so bookings can be more last minute. For bookings in the holiday periods we recommend booking in weeks to months in advance. Especially for the summer holidays, we recommend booking as early as possible! We usually fill up our kennels and cattery over the holiday periods and can’t reserve spaces for customers, so please make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment!