You will be charged the day off drop off regardless of the time you drop off during the day. If you pick up between 8:30 – 9:00am (Monday – Saturday) you will not be charged for that day. If you pick up after those hours you will be charged for that day. You will be charged for a Sunday regardless of pick up time as we do not have the early hours slot. Please see our opening hours for the times you can drop off and pick up.

Boarding Prices 2024

 1 Small Dog: £28.00

1 Medium Dog: £30.00

1 Large Dog: £32.00

1 Giant Dog: £33.00

1 Cat – £17.00

2 Cats Sharing – £27.00

Pets sharing accommodation will receive a 10% sharing discount. 

PLEASE NOTE: We are having a Price rise as of the 20th December 2024 for Dog and Cat Boarding. The prices will rise for Christmas as normal, and then continue into 2025. 

Bookings made BEFORE 25TH January 2024 will be at OLD prices after the 3rd January 25.

Bookings made AFTER 26th January 2024 will be at new/Christmas prices after the 3rd January 2025.


1 SMALL DOG – £32.00 Per day

1 MEDIUM DOG – £34.00 Per day

1 LARGE DOG – £36.00 Per day

1 GIANT DOG – £37.00 Per day

1 CAT – £18.00 Per day

2 CATS – £30.00 Per day

Hydrotherapy Pool Hire

1 dog – £20.00 (30 minute session) or £38.00 (one hour session)
2 dogs – £27.00 (30 minute session) or £52.00 (one hour session)
3 dogs – £30.00 (30 minute session) or £58.00 (one hour session)

For more than 3 dogs, please ring for a price!

We also have a block of swims available, where you pay for 9 swims for 30 minutes and get the 10th session free.

Field Hire

£12.00 per 30 mins for up to 3 dogs. £1.00 for every dog after the third. £17 per hour for up to 3 dogs.

Bath Service

£15.00 per bath

Enriching Training Sessions

£10.00 for two 15min sessions.

Additional Costs

Out of hours medication after 5pm – £10.00 per night.

Vet transportation – £25.00 per visit. (To Crossroads)

Out of hours entry – £25.00

Phoning the vets for vaccination proof – £5.00

CHRISTMAS – Over the Christmas period prices will increase an extra £2.00 per cat per day and £4 per dog per day. There will also be NO 10% discount given for cats sharing a cat pen or dogs sharing a kennel.

As of the 5th September, all bookings from then onwards will require a deposit. All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE AND NON TRANSFERABLE. NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN FOR PICKING YOUR PET UP EARLY.

These will either be a £20 deposit or a £50 deposit depending on the length of the board.

As of the 1st September 2019, should you wish to shorten your pets board within holidays, you will need to give us a minimum of 2 week’s notice prior to the board. Our holidays include, February half term, Easter holidays, May half term, Summer holidays, October Half term and Christmas holidays. If you do not give us 2 week’s notice, then you will have to pay the full board you originally booked. This is due to too many bookings being shortened at too late notice when that kennel/cat pen could have been filled by another boarder. Please remember, we do have constant waiting lists for our kennels and cat pens during our busy periods, so giving us the two or more weeks’ notice means we can give that space to another boarder. Thank you all for your continued support!