Small = £18.00
Medium = £19.80
Large = £21.00
Giant = £22.20

Boarding Prices for 2 Dogs per Kennel 

Small = £32.40
Medium = £35.64
Large = £37.80
Giant = £39.96

For 3 or more dogs, please ring for a price!

Boarding Price for 1 Cat per Cat Pen 

1 cat – £15.00

Boarding Price for 2 Cats per Cat Pen

2 cats sharing – £25.00

Hydrotherapy Pool Hire

1 dog – £15.00 (30 minute session) or £30.00 (one hour session)
2 dogs – £22.00 (30 minute session) or £44.00 (one hour session)
3 dogs – £25.00 (30 minute session) or £50.00 (one hour session)

For more than 3 dogs, please ring for a price!

We also have a block of swims available, where you pay for 9 swims for 30 minutes and get the 10th session free.

1 dog – £135.00
2 dogs – £198.00
3 dogs – £225.00

Introductory Swim Sessions

1 dog – £25.00
2 dogs – £32.00
3 dogs – £35.00

Field Hire

£10.00 per 30 mins for up to 3 dogs. £1.00 for every dog after the third.

Bath Service

£15.00 per bath

Enriching Training Sessions

£10.00 for two 15min sessions.

Additional Costs

Out of hours medication after 5pm – £10.00 per night.

Vet transportation – £10.00 per visit.

Out of hours entry – £20.00

Phoning the vets for vaccination proof – £5.00

CHRISTMAS – Over the Christmas period prices will increase an extra £2.00 per cat per day and £3 per dog per day. There will also be NO 10% discount given for cats sharing a cat pen or dogs sharing a kennel.

SCHOOL HOLIDAY PERIODS – Deposits will be asked for to secure bookings, however you will receive this back once you pay on arrival for your boarding. All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE AND NON TRANSFERABLE. NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN FOR PICKING YOUR PET UP EARLY.

These will either be a £20 deposit or a £50 deposit depending on the length of the board.


As of the 1st September 2019, should you wish to shorten your pets board within holidays, you will need to give us a minimum of 2 week’s notice prior to the board. Our holidays include, February half term, Easter holidays, May half term, Summer holidays, October Half term and Christmas holidays. If you do not give us 2 week’s notice, then you will have to pay the full board you originally booked. This is due to too many bookings being shortened at too late notice when that kennel/cat pen could have been filled by another boarder. Please remember, we do have constant waiting lists for our kennels and cat pens during our busy periods, so giving us the two or more weeks’ notice means we can give that space to another boarder. Thank you all for your continued support!

Greendale Farm Kennels and Cattery
Greendale Farm Kennels and Cattery


As of the 1st April 2020 we will have a price rise in our dog boarding prices. Our prices are rising due to our competitors’ prices rising, everyday costs rising and the services we offer. We felt that many of our customers would want an explanation as to why our prices are rising again. In the process of putting our prices up, we compared the services we offer with other kennels and cattery’s, as well as looking at their prices. We found that we were charging one of the lowest prices, yet we offer so much. Additionally, in October 2018 the new DEFRA licence came out, which meant in order to keep up with our high standards, we had to add even more into our services are facilities. In order to keep to our high standard, including being licensed, we now have to pay a much larger amount for this.

We found that many kennels charged extra for walking or exercise, certain foods as well as general medication and many other things.

Here are just a few reasons as to why we differ so much to other kennels, supporting why we are having a price rise.

  • We DO NOT socialise dogs while they are staying with us. This is not only for their safety, but means they get 121 attention with the staff. No dogs leave site while boarding with us and no dogs are left unattended outside their kennel.
  • We believe we have one of the highest qualified teams of staff in the area. Qualifications range from animal management, care, behaviour from level 2’s through to university degrees.
  • We are happy to keep to ANY diet. Some kennels will not accept raw fed dogs or dogs on certain diets, however our massive freezer and fridges can cater to any of your pets dietary requirements! We also stock our own range of high quality food which we are happy to use – all included in the price!
  • We are happy to administer medication, re bandage wounds, clean ears, and do pretty much anything to cater for your dog’s medical needs providing they feel comfortable letting us do so! Our management team are also happy to administer injections. We will not turn a dog away due to a medical problem, we will happily work through it with you!
  • We accept ANY breed! Again, some kennels have restrictions on breeds. We do not at all, and will accept any dog who wants to board with us! We love all breeds, all sizes and all ages and will cater your dog’s board to them! If your dog is elderly, we ask for you to assess your dog’s health before boarding with us.
  • We also include daily exercise within our price, so you DO NOT have to pay extra to have your dog walked! All our exercise facilities are filled with toys, agility equipment and we now have our new sensory garden in our on lead area for your dogs!
  • We have the largest Hydrotherapy pool in the South of England that you can book your dog in to swim while they board with us! This is a very popular service which is a fantastic way to mentally and physically enrich your dogs. We also have a qualified hydrotherapist who works alongside us, who would be happy to discuss medical swim sessions with you!
  • We are happy to take dogs with behavioural problems! We have had many customers be turned away from other kennels due to their dog having behavioural problems or being reactive, but with qualified staff here as well as a qualified trainer/behaviourist, we are happy to work alongside you and your dog to ensure they can board with us and are happy doing so! We are also a well-known Kennels for taking dogs that suffer from behavioural problems and are reactive towards other dogs or people, therefor being guaranteed a walk and play alone away from other dogs benefits them.
  • We use award winning cleaning products to ensure that all the animals have the cleanest possible kennels/pens, which we clean daily to the highest possible standard!

We understand that some of these differences between us and other kennels do not affect all of our customers, but this year we have been busier than we have ever been, and therefor in order to continue providing better care for your pets every day, we need to raise our prices.

If you would like to see a comparison chart of our prices to other establishments with the services each one offers, please pop into reception where there is a printed spreadsheet. Names of other establishments will not be provided.

What do our dog prices include?

  • A licenced, insured heated kennel and individual outdoor run which includes a plastic or raised bed, fleeces, blankets, duvets and water bowls/buckets. Stands are provided for larger dogs.
  • Daily cleaning of the kennels, ensuring they are cleaned with award winning chemicals to the highest standard possible. This includes cleaning their bedding, bowls, kennel floors, walls etc.
  • Daily 121 exercise with the staff. You get to choose if you dog stays on lead or can play off lead. Either way there are lots of toys to play with! There are agility jumps in the paddocks, as well as our new sensory garden in our on lead area!
  • A varierty of quality foods from biscuits to meats. You are also welcome to bring your own if you want! We will accept any feeds brought in from customers too – we have a freezer for raw/frozen food!
  • Bed time treats and daily treats! Endless amounts of high value treats including cheese, cocktail sausages, hotdogs and dry training treats! We also have grain free treats!
  • Enrichment! We provide kongs, lick mats and food toys for your dog to enjoy in their kennel! These can be stuffed with lots of treats! We provide the stuffing’s – you can bring your own if you wish!
  • In hours medication. We are happy to administer any medication that is needed, as well as administering ear/eye drops, cleaning wounds and giving injections.
  • Insurance for while your dog is boarding with us.
  • A member of staff on site 24/7, as well as us working closely with the 24hr vets in case of an emergency.
  • Highly trained and qualified staff, from animal behaviour, care and management to animal first aid and human first aid.

As well as all of this you can additionally pay for:

  • Swims
  • Baths
  • Enrichment Training
  • Transport – drop off’s or pick up’s
  • Out of hours medication (Between 5pm and 8am)