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Greendale Farm Kennels and Cattery High Wycombe Google Reviews

We have boarded our precious pets with Greendale for many years now. I don’t know who else we would trust with our furbabies. The staff are friendly, and always make us feel that our pets will be loved and cared for. And no-one laughs at me when I cry saying goodbye to my darlings!!!

Chris Denver, November 2020

I love how pleased the staff there are to see Scruffy and how happy Scruffy is to see them every time he arrives for a stay.

Karen Kellock, November 2020

Greendale farm kennels made me feel so at rest when they had mabel 7 month old lurcher. Truly a gem and so dedicated to the welfare of the animals. Mabel loved all the games and zoomies. Thank you.

Erica Grace, November 2020

Wonderful place, they were very kind and patient with our highly neurotic rescue dog who had real issues with “kennels” after being abandoned. She now loves it there and gets very excited whenever she gets to go stay.

Carola, November 2020

I hired the paddock out back in October for 2 of my walking clients dogs. The staff are all really friendly and it was so easy and quick to call up to book the paddock.
The dogs had a great time at the paddock, they loved the agility equipment and all the other equipment that was in the paddock. The paddock is secure and I felt safe being able to let the dogs run around off lead.
I will definitely be hiring the paddock out again and if anyone is looking for a secure paddock to hire out then I would 100% recommend Greendale Farm Kennels and Cattery 🐾

Paige's Pawfect Pet Sitting, November 2020

Our boy enjoyed his first swimming pool experience a lot! Will definitely be back!

A&C Halliday , August 2020

I took my 15 month Swedish Vallhund to the hydrotherapy pool and she loved it. The pool is a little cold at first but once your body gets used to it, it’s lovely. The staff were very friendly and the drying room was very useful after the swim

Ruth Antieul, July 2020

Lovely place to relax and bring your doggo for a swim

Kerry Brewer, July 2020

We used the pool today with two trainee Guide Dogs and it was excellent. I couldn’t recommend this place highly enough. First time visiting and will definitely be returning and spreading the word. Good value, clean, excellent facilities, easy to book. Friendly and helpful staff. Thank you for a lovely time.

Jane McGuigan, July 2020

The pool is great, our dogs have such a lot of fun and it’s good for them. Win win!

Steve Smith, July 2020

We always use Greendale kennels for our little doggy, the staff are all extremely professional & super friendly, when we drop our dog off she gets so excited and isn’t bothered about saying a little goodbye cuddle with us she just wants to go! That to me says it all! The location is perfect and the prices are fab! We as a whole family also love to see a photo on their Facebook page of our dog having a run around (they have so much outdoor space!) while we are on holiday, the kids say she’s on her little holiday too at the kennel. I would highly recommend, pop along for a look around and see for yourself, we always book in early as they do get busy in the holidays.

Emma Spencer, April 2020

The dogs and cats are very well looked after here, would highly recommend.

Cheyenne White, October 2019

Excellent facilities for dog swimming

Aidar Talibzhanov, October 2019

Beautifully situated and a pleasure to visit. The cattery and kennels are so clean and the animals are given so much space. Staff really care about the cats and dogs in their care here and it’s a step above some of the other boarding kennels/catteries I’ve visited. Great place for animals to stay.

Stephanie Thomas , August 2019

Excellent kennels. The staff are superb. Great location. A little pricey but well worth it. Dog came back in perfect health and very happy. Brilliant.

Peter Springford , August 2019

Fantastic and professional place for our Pets !!

Giovanni Jacini , June 2019
From the first visit to check the suitability of Greendale Farm Kennels, to the day we picked River up after a 10 day stay, we have had nothing but praise for the accommodation, the staff and their care. It was the first time in kennels alone for our 10 year old Miniature Long haired Dachshund so our concern was great. Throughout the whole process it became obvious that our worries were unfounded and we were able to leave him, confident in the knowledge that he would be safe and well cared for.
We are so grateful to have found such an amazing place to leave him in the future if he is unable to come along with us.
Thank you all so much
Until next time.
Dee & River, January 2019
Oscar loves visiting when we go away as he is well looked after and loves his swim. Highly recommend these kennels.
Julie Davies, December 2018

Fantastic – my dog spent 3 nights there in October -no worries & well looked after.

Tracy Fenn, October 2017

Thank you so much for your care and attention to Harry and Archie whilst in the cattery. They have come home looking very well cared for, well fed and importantly no signs of stress. It is much appreciated.

Kate Robinson, October 2017

The staff at Greendale looked after my 4 dogs very well, after 2 weeks there they were happy and content and even a little tired which I think is a good sign. Thank you to all staff.

My only gripe is there was no grain free food on offer so I had to provide my own, not the end of the world and not worth dropping a star for.

Would recommend to anyone.

Caroline Lief, September 2017

Took our pair of pooches there for a trial as they’d had a not nice experience in kennels previously.

They both came out with wagging tails.

They’re looking forward to their next stay in a few weeks.

Jo Ryan, September 2017
Staff are friendly and took great care with my nervous rescue dog. Highly recommend!
Hannah Clarke, August 2017

I travel over 40 miles to get there and use the doggy hydro swimming pool cos it’s ace & staff always so lovely.

Deborah Morrison, August 2017

We had a fantastic time in the pool and would definitely go again it was worth every penny. Best thing in the world swimming with my deaf girl.

Nina Coulson, August 2017

I took my dog to the pool today. We haven’t been for a while the staff still remembered us and as always so helpful. Jim gets so excited to go and see them which is fantastic seeing as he has a couple of nervous issues. Fantastic place x see you again soon x

Jeanette Tolhurst, August 2017

What a truly fantastic and friendly kennels. Jennie and her team are just so helpful, knowledgeable and so caring with our dog Freddie. We definitely feel we have found the best kennel for our little dog, wouldn’t hesitate in leaving him as we just know he is in safe hands and is always so well looked after. At least now we can have a holiday and so can Freddie.

Would highly recommend Greendale Farm, you won’t be disappointed. xx

Amanda Greenman
The team at Greendale Farm Kennels and Cattery did an amazing job with Harley and the customer service was excellent! Harley looked as playful as ever when I came to pick him up and it looked like he took to you guys really well.

Thank you and the team very much for looking after him and we will be back soon as I am determined to get him swimming!

Ryan Collins

We were so concerned dropping our dog off at Greendale. We were off for a 2 week holiday and he’s been in kennels many, many times before and very used to them but this time was different. Our dog has been ill for about 8/9 months now and we keep thinking he’ll be better soon but it doesn’t happen. As the 2week holiday approached I was getting more and more nervous so we tried him in our local kennels, just down the road, for 1 night only just to see how he’d do – not Greendale btw!

His illness is pancreas related and his weight has just dropped off him so he’s on a very strict diet to try to put weight on him and the vet and I have been working hard to achieve this with mixed success. He had started to gain a bit of weight and we had it down to a fine art – instructions were given for quantities of the not inexpensive food as well as medication. In two days he managed to lose 1 kg which is a lot for a dog of his size weighing about 19 kg (normal weight about 23 kg). The kennels gave him back to us with a carrier bag with his food in it which he ‘refused to eat, so we gave him our usual brand’……….I was desperately upset!

I told my husband I couldn’t go on holiday abroad as he would be dead by the time we got home – big row!! So he suggested Greendale which is a bit of a trek but the dog had stayed there a couple of years ago and we did like it – good idea!

So that’s what we did………….we nervously picked him up 2 weeks later after again giving detailed instructions for his food and medication which I had written down meticulously and so did they ‘to get it in my head so I know what I’m doing’ the manager said! Very little exercise and feeding 4 times a day – above and beyond etc etc….

He lost .2 of a kilogram – YAAY!!! .2 only – he looked happy, confident – ‘fat’ even – he’s really filled out – should offer a rehab facility or recuperation facility!

We were so very very grateful – to their kindness and absolute diligence – we really felt they had his best interests at heart and when we collected him we nodded and smiled and listened as we were given a blow by blow account of his stay and daily routine… I really cannot praise them highly enough and can only highly recommend Greendale.

Thank you all so very much!

Stacey Lyons
I’ve known both the kennels and the family for many years now. The kennels are beautifully clean and the welfare of the dogs always comes first. Jennifer and Dennis insist on only employing the very best staff and put a huge amount of effort into training and encouraging the professional growth of their handpicked staff. Their knowledge of dogs goes far beyond that of the normal pet dog and I am always confident to leave my working dogs in their care. My dogs needs are always catered for and I have complete confidence they will be stimulated and exercised throughout their stay. I could not recommend Greendale enough.
Hannah Hyslop
I have been using Greendale Farm since my eldest dog, Layla, was a pup (some 11 years) ago. Now she comes along with her younger brother, Barney (aged 4), they share a special double-size kennel. This means they can spend time together but, during the day, they spend time socialising. Layla enjoys being with slightly more sedate “old timers” and Barney (who is a bonkers Labradoodle) has a whale of a time racing around with the young whippersnappers!!

The staff at Greendale are wonderful. Many have been there from the beginning (so they really know my dogs) and nothing is too much trouble. It is easy to tell if a dog is anxious about a situation, but I can honestly say my two pull my arms off to get when we arrive, and seem to know they’re going to have a great “holiday”.

I cannot recommend this place highly enough, and would not want to use anywhere else.

Sam Owen
I previously used another local kennel and was very disapointed with the service and how sad and smelly my boy was on collection. A friend recommended i tried Greendale and I couldnt be happier ! My boy actually pulls to go in when i drop him off and is happy and healthy when i collect him. He always has a couple of swims as a treat which along with the exercise in the paddocks with the lovely staff makes his stay a happy one. Thank you Greendale for making sure my boy has a happy holiday so I can relax and enjoy mine without worrying.
Nicky Boughton
My dog willow loves coming and staying with you guys. It’s her second home. Her favourite thing to do is swimming, she could do that all day. The staff at greendale are willows best friends.
Joe Hale

We highly recommend Greendale Farm Kennels.Our Jack Russell stays there every summer and she always comes back in excellent condition.The staff is very friendly and reassuring.I am very grateful for the care they give Poppy and she will be back next year.

Stephanie Hibbert
Our dogs and cats always come home happy, the staff are very friendly. I have been using Greendale for years and would always recommend it anyone.
Lynn Bradshaw