By boarding your animals with us, you agree to the terms and conditions below.

Last Updated – 14/7/2021

      • All dogs and cats must be fully vaccinated AT LEAST 14 DAYS PRIOR to their board, and dogs must also have the Kennel Cough vaccine and cats the Leukemia. Failure to do so will result in the animal being refused entry. These vaccines must not run out during the time of your pets board. (You must always provide a current vaccination certificate at the time of boarding.) We do not accept responsibility for vaccinations not being up to date. ALL vaccines must be done 14 days prior to your board, however if you get your DHP booster vaccine administered separately, we will accept this as early as the day after its done. This is due to the DHP booster NOT being a live vaccine. When an annual booster course gets re-started if it has expired, your pet will need to have had the primary vaccines, then 3 / 4 weeks later have the secondary course of vaccines, and then wait the 14 day period. The 14 day period starts from the day any new vaccine is administered, even if the old vaccine is still in date. If you get your vaccines done separately (Eg for dogs: KC in one month, and the DHP/Lepto another) please make sure all are up to date for a board. For dogs that come from overseas, please check with your vet that your dog has had all inoculations INCLUDING the kennel cough.
      • Charges are paid on the day of arrival. If you pick up your animal between 8:30 and 9:00 am, Monday to Saturday, you will not be charged for the day. You get charged for Sundays, regardless of the pick-up time. This can be in the form of cash or card. We do NOT accept cheques. We do not give credits or refunds if you pick up earlier than booked.
      • If you arrive out of hours, you will be charged the out of hours fee.
      • All belongings left with animals are left at the owners own risk. We ask that belongings are clearly named.
      • All animals are insured whilst boarding, but veterinary fees for new treatments / pre-existing conditions may be incurred on behalf of the owner at the managers discretion. You will be asked if you have pet health insurance.
      • Any owner requiring their dog/cat to share accommodation does so at their own risk. Should there be any issues with pets sharing accommodation, the staff at Greendale will contact the owner immediately to make alternative arrangements.
      • Photographs will not be published on Facebook or the website without the owner’s consent.
      • Any medications will be given to the animal per instructions provided by the owner. We are NOT a veterinary kennels and the owner must sign a disclaimer for the staff to medicate their pet. We are happy to give injections for both dogs and cats.
      • Dogs must be on lead at all times during the arrival and departure. We accept no responsibility for loss or injury in the car park or off the premises. Cats must arrive and depart in secure and baskets/carriers/cases.
      • I AGREE to pay any vet bills in full before removing my dogs/cats from the kennels.
      • If my dog/cat is on any MEDICATIONS / OWN FOOD or has any ALLERGIES, FOOD INTOLERENCES or HEALTH ISSUES, I have informed the staff at Greendale with the correct information. If my pet becomes ill, shows injury, or isn’t coping behaviourally, I am aware the staff at Greendale will contact me, and they may advise that my pet needs collecting should it be in the best interest of the animal. If this is advised, I or an emergency contact will need to collect my pet.
      • Whilst every possible care and attention is given to each animal boarded at these kennels, we cannot be held responsible for loss from ongoing medical conditions or old age.
      • I ALSO AGREE that if the animals are not collected within 14 days of the date, on which they are / it is due to leave the kennels and no communication is received from me by the boarding kennels owner, Greendale has the authority to sell or otherwise dispose of the animal at the boarding kennel owner’s discretion.
      • I FURTHER AGREE if I book my pet/s to board with Greendale over the school holidays, I will be asked to pay a NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT this means my booking will be processed and secured, however ,if I choose to cancel the board with Greendale, I will not receive my deposit back.

      During the holiday periods, should you wish to cancel your board, you will need to give at least 2 week’s notice prior to the board. If the notice is not given, then you will have to pay for the board booked

Greendale Farm Kennels and Cattery

By booking to hire the hydrotherapy pool or field, you agree to the following terms.

NOTE: We do have a conker tree on entrance to the field and in the field too. This means in season, conkers can fall. Please keep an eye on your dog/s if they are known to eat everything!

Last Updated: 3/3/21


  • When you book to hire the hydrotherapy pool for a ‘fun swim’, or the field, you are aware that you are hiring the pool/field for yourself and your dogs, and there will NOT be a hydrotherapist/lifeguard on duty with you. There will not be a member of staff present with you either.
  • If you want to book a hydrotherapy session, this should be done directly through our hydrotherapist – James Stone. Greendale Farm do not take bookings for hydrotherapy sessions.
  • We encourage all owners to take out pet health insurance for their animals and for dogs to be vaccinated.
  • If you arrive late to your slot, your slot will NOT be extended to compensate.
  • If you begin to over run in your slot in the pool/field the staff at Greendale Farm have every right to ask you to gather your belongings and make your way to the drying room for the pool and leave the pool area/field so that the next customer can use the pool/field. There is a clock in the pool area so you can watch the time.
  • The staff will not tolerate rudeness or aggressive behaviour, and have the Senior Staff have every right to ask you to leave if you display this behaviour.
  • The price of the pool/field is fixed, and will not change. If you book a block of 10 swims in one go, you gain a discount and only pay for 9 meaning you get your 10th
  • The price of the pool/field hire depends on the length of time booked and the amount of dogs booked for.
  • You will need to pay for the amount of dogs in the pool area or field, even if they are not swimming. Eg: If you bring three dogs, two to swim and one to watch, you will need to pay for all three.
  • You will not be able to add dogs in without telling the staff. If this happens, and there are more dogs present than booked, the senior staff hold every right to ask you to remove of any additional dogs, or ask you to pay for them – this is your choice.
  • If there is a medical emergency (human or animal), alert the staff and they can come and assist you.
  • We cannot be held responsible for loss of dogs in the car park. You are FULLY responsible for your dog while on the site. The staff at Greendale Farm are not responsible for your animals while you are hiring a service.
  • There must ALWAYS be someone present over the age of 18. Any children under the age of 18 are your own risk and responsibility.
  • Any belongings you bring are at your own risk. Greendale Farm will not be held responsible for your items falling in the pool, water damage, or your items getting broken/ruined.
  • You are asked once only to sign a disclaimer for the use of the pool that Greendale Farm can hold on file. This states if you have any medical/health conditions or your dog has any medical/health conditions you are aware it is your own risk to hire the pool.
  • All dogs MUST be on a lead when walking to and from the field, pool and drying room.
  • We ask that you kindly pick up and dispose of any dog waste using the bags and bins provided.
  • We ask that you do not litter, and again use the bins provided for any rubbish you may have.
  • We ask that you do NOT throw dog treats into the Hydrotherapy pool as this clogs up the filters.
  • We ask if your dog toilets around or in the pool, you immediately come and tell a member of staff to deal with the situation. Please encourage your dogs to toilet on the grass before and during swims to avoid this.
  • We ask if you use a life jacket for your dog, if this breaks while you are using this, please alert a member of staff so we can fix/replace it.
  • We kindly ask that if any equipment gets broken during your hire, that you let a member of staff know.
  • Due to water intoxication, we encourage owners who use the pool to bring floating toys ONLY, and to ensure all dogs have time to get out of the pool to relax. Floating toys which do not take in water can help to minimise the amount of water your dog is taking in. It is encouraged that dogs are not in there constantly for the full session booked, and that they have time to exercise too. This can prevent water intoxication. For more information on water intoxication please seek advice from the staff at Greendale or your registered vet. We cannot be held responsible for your dog’s inhaling too much water as there is no hydrotherapist/lifeguard or staff member with you unless booked. If this is something you are worried about, please book a session with our hydrotherapist who can show you how to swim with your dog safely.

There are always staff on site if you need assistance.


 This policy has been written to ensure the safety of the staff and customers at Greendale Farm Kennels and Cattery. Coronavirus is now an pandemic, meaning we have written an individual policy tailored just for this crisis. Please see our regular Terms and Conditions for any boarding questions.

If you are booking your pet in to board with us you agree to the following policy regarding coronavirus/COVID 19.

  • If you or any other family member begins to feel unwell, you are NOT to come onto the premises of Greendale Farm. If you need to pick an animal up, then someone else MUST collect your pet who has not been in contact with you since showing symptoms.
  • If you need to drop your pet off to us, someone MUST drop your pet off by having NO contact with yourself.
  • We ask that you only come into reception if you need to, and to keep a distance of 2 meters away from staff if possible. Please use the hand gel provided when you come in and leave reception.
  • If you have been onto site recently and are starting to show symptoms, we ask that you MUST ring us immediately.
  • If you are in another country and are asked to self-isolate in that country, you MUST call us ASAP so we can make arrangements to keep your pet for you.
  • If you have arrived back in the UK and are meant to be picking up your pet, but have been asked to self-isolate, either we can keep your pet, or someone who has not been in contact with you since you came back to the UK will need to collect your pet. This person MUST not have had physical contact with you.
  • In the event of a UK lockdown, we are asking all owners bringing their animals in for more emergency contacts than usual, so should a lockdown happen someone can collect your pet.
  • The staff that live on site will come down to look after your animals if for any reason they cannot be collected straight away, however we will ask to take AT LEAST one contact of someone who can come and get your pet in an emergency. For any reason a member of staff should feel ill during lockdown and need to stay at home on site, they may not be able to care for your pets, so the emergency numbers are CRUCIAL to your pets boarding with us.
  • You must contact us IMMEDIATELY should you not be able to collect your pet, should you need to cancel a board or if your circumstances change meaning you need to amend a board.
  • If you are booked in to use the hydrotherapy pool or the field hire and begin to feel unwell, you MUST cancel your booking and rearrange for another date. Pool parties, and groups of over 10 people will not be permitted onto site.
  • If you have already paid a deposit for a booking which has been cancelled due to the virus, most travel insurance companies will allow you to claim this back, just ask us to send over a copy of the receipt as proof.
  • If you paid a deposit for a booking but are not able to claim it back through insurance, we will be more than happy to add it on as credit for your next board with us. All deposits are still non refundable, but will be kept on as credit for as long as needed.