Delivery and Collection

We can offer you a delivery and collection service for your pet so if you don’t have access to a car we can pick them up at a convenient time and drop them off when you come back from your holiday. The cost depends on mileage so please give us a call on 01494 881521 for a price.

Boarding and Swimming

Whilst you are away on holiday and your dog is boarding with us we can take your dog swimming, we will split the sessions into 2×15 minute swims. This is charged at £17.00 for 1 dog, £24.00 for 2 dogs and £27.00 for 3 dogs, just let us know if you want your dog to have some swim sessions when you bring him/her into stay.

We can not promise that your dog will enjoy swimming, and if they are not keen on going in the water we do not force them. We will let you know at the end of their stay how they got on with the pool.

Fun Swim Pool Hire

As well as offering swimming as an extra to our boarding dogs, members of the public are also welcome to hire out the pool for a minimum of 30 mins for a swim with your four legged friend! Included in a fun swim hire you get full use of the pool and secure paddock, full use of the drying room with towels, blaster and hair dryer, tennis balls and poo bags! Please see our hydrotherapy page for pricing!


James is a qualified hydro therapist who uses our pool to help his own patients. He has an ABC Level 3 Qualification in Hydrotherapy for small animals.

Contact info for James

Mobile: 07912 684999


We offer a bath service which we do the day before your dog comes home. It costs an extra £15.00 on top of their board. If your dog shows any sign of aggression, stress or reluctancy to go near the water, we may not be able to bath them. Their welfare is our number one priority, and if they are going to become stressed having the bath, we may refuse to bath them.

We also offer a bath service outside of boarding, where you can bring your dog in and they will have a bath with a senior member of staff in our groom room. We do not currently offer a full groom.

Pool Party Hire

Here at Greendale we also hire out our pool for pets birthdays, family celebrations or just a fun packed, crazy afternoon with friends & family and of course your 4-legged friends!! Included in the pool party hire, you not only get fully access to the pool, but get the secure paddock, drying room, dog life jackets, toys and much more as well! For a quote and more information, please give us a call on: 01494 881521 and speak to our management team!

Read more about our Pool Party Hire for your dog(s) here.

Field Hire

One of our paddocks here at Greendale Farm is available for hire! The paddock is fully fenced and secured, and hire comes with plenty of toys, poo bags and water! Perfect for training, or just to let your dog off lead and know they will come back!

NOTE: We do have a conker tree on entrance to the field and in the field too. This means in season, conkers can fall. Please keep an eye on your dog/s if they are known to eat everything! We have also noticed Wild Mushrooms starting to grow on the premises – please be cautious!

Give us a call on: 01494 881521 for more information on how to book!

121 Puppy/Dog Training

Millie (Manager) also owns and runs A Wagging Success Dog Training, offering 121 training sessions in and around High Wycombe/Bucks. Millie is able to offer 121 training sessions from Greendale’s secure field. If you would like to book a 121 puppy/dog training session with Millie at Greendale, please call: 07825 502882 or email:

Meet and Greets

We also offer a ‘Meet and Greet’ service for those dogs who may be a little bit nervous or suffer from a behavioural problem that may affect them boarding with us. This is also very beneficial for puppies! These sessions last around 10 mins, and take place in our bottom paddock where the we can chat to you and meet your dog, and your dog can have a good run around at the same time! It gives you as owners a chance to meet us and see the environment, as well as your dog getting to know us too!

Training while Boarding

During your dogs stay with us, you can book them into reward based, force free, enrichment training. This focuses on basic training such as sits, downs, stays, paw, lead walking, recall etc. You are more than welcome to put a request in, if there is something you would particularly like us to work on. All training is treat and toy based, and is overseen by Millie (Manager) who is a qualified reward based dog trainer. These sessions are run by our senior members of staff ensuring your dog gets plenty of mental stimulation during their stay. Training sessions are £10.00 for fifteen minute sessions.

Kennel Training

Kennel training is an additional service we offer for dogs that suffer with behavioural problems using reward based, force free, training. These sessions are for the senior staff to bond with the dog through lots of yummy treats, as well as the owner being able to be present and see everything that goes on! The sessions start by building a bond by playing in the paddock, and then moving up to working in our quiet isolation block going in and out of kennels. We make everything really fun, and the dog can decide if they want to go in the kennel or not. We do not do anything with force and we work completely at the dogs pace ensuring they are happy the whole time! Millie the manager, is a qualified reward based dog trainer and behaviourist. These sessions are £20, for half an hour with our senior team. For this price, your dog is getting 121 attention with yourself and the staff, lots of treats and full use of the field and isolation block when empty.

Day Boards

We do offer day boards at Greendale Farm, however we are not a daycare. We are more than happy to take your pet for the day, however the drop off and pick up times are the same as our regular boarding times. You will be charged for a full days board, and your pet will have the same treatment as our longer boarders. We do not socialise day boarders, and day boarders must also be up to date with their vaccinations, exactly the same as our longer boarders. This is perfect for pets who have never been in the kennel/cattery environment before. It is advised to work up from a day board to a longer period of time to ensure your pet is happy with us.

Microchip Scanning

On the 6th April 2016, the new microchipping law came into play, which means ALL dogs must be microchipped and registered by the age of 8 weeks old. Although this is not yet compulsory for cats, it is heavily advised to get your cat chipped, and is needed to board in a cattery. At Greendale, we have a microchip scanner, so if you want to check your microchip number, or want to check your pet is chipped, just call us up and let us know when you are going to pop up (no appointment needed), and we will be ready with lots of tasty treats for your pet!

Rescue Scheme

In early 2020, we have introduced our rescue scheme, in order to be able to help and work with rescues local to us, as well as the ones a bit further a field. As well as making donations to rescues regularly, this scheme allows us to help dogs and cats who are looking for their forever homes, while rescues are so full. If you work for a rescue, or want to know more about how we can help, please drop an email to: