PLEASE NOTE: We are having a Price rise as of the 20th December 2024 for Dog and Cat Boarding. The prices will rise for Christmas as normal, and then continue into 2025. 

If you do need to cancel under 14 days prior to your board, you will be charged the full board amount. If you need to cancel a booking – please let us know asap. 

We highly recommend doing a day board/short stay prior to any longer boards for new customers. This will help your pet feel more comfortable before they stay with us, and give them a chance to settle in to the new environment. It also gives the staff the opportunity to check your pet is going to settle in the new environment. We also ask that you let your vets know when your pet is boarding with us incase of a serious emergency. You MUST provide us with an emergency contact prior to boarding with us. This contact must be within an hours drive of the Kennels/Cattery and must be able to collect your pet if needed. Your vet may be able to provide you with a confirmation letter of them being your emergency contact. Failure to provide an emergency contact will result in NO ENTRY.

Bookings made BEFORE 25TH January 2024 will be at OLD prices after the 3rd January 2025.

Bookings made AFTER 26th January 2024 will be at new/Christmas prices after the 3rd January 2025.

**We do NOT socialise dogs at Greendale Farm unless they come in from the same household. Everything is on a 121 basis.**

BEFORE BOOKING: Please ensure your pets vaccines are up to date AT LEAST 14 days prior to each board. This includes KENNEL COUGH for dogs and FeLV for cats. Failure to have up to date/expired/incorrect vaccines will result in no entry.

Please ensure you drop off/pick up within our opening hours. We kindly ask ALL drop off’s to be here by 4:30 so we have enough time to settle them in and feed them.

PLEASE NOTE: Online bookings will be processed within 2-4 days. You will receive an automated email to confirm you’re booking. Should your booking be urgent, please call us on: 01494881521 or email:

This online booking form system is for booking boards with the kennels and cattery only. For all pool and field bookings, please call: 01494 881521.

By boarding your animals with us, you agree to the terms and conditions below.

All dogs and cats must be fully vaccinated AT LEAST 14 DAYS PRIOR to their board, and dogs must also have the Kennel Cough vaccine and cats the Leukemia. Failure to do so will result in the animal being refused entry. These vaccines must not run out during the time of your pets board. (You must always provide a current vaccination certificate at the time of boarding.) We do not accept responsibility for vaccinations not being up to date. ALL vaccines must be done 14 days prior to your board, however if you get your DHP booster vaccine administered separately, we will accept this as early as the day after its done. This is due to the DHP booster NOT being a live vaccine. When an annual booster course gets re-started if it has expired, your pet will need to have had the primary vaccines, then 3 / 4 weeks later have the secondary course of vaccines, and then wait the 14 day period. The 14 day period starts from the day any new vaccine is administered, even if the old vaccine is still in date. If you get your vaccines done separately (Eg for dogs: KC in one month, and the DHP/Lepto another) please make sure all are up to date for a board. For dogs that come from overseas, please check with your vet that your dog has had all inoculations INCLUDING the kennel cough. If you turn up without the right vaccines /not done in time, you will still be charged your full board. If your DHP/LEPTO vaccine has expired within the 3 month window advised by the provider, then a letter will be needed from your vet to say that your dog is still covered. A letter will also be needed if your DHP or Lepto are done under 14 days (Secondary vacs only) – as they are not live, but to ensure your dog and our other boarders are still fully protected.
Charges are paid on the day of arrival. If you pick up your animal between 8:30 and 9:00 am, Monday to Saturday, you will not be charged for the day. You get charged for Sundays, regardless of the pick-up time. This can be in the form of cash or card. We do NOT accept cheques. We do not give credits or refunds if you pick up earlier than booked. A deposit must be paid to secure your booking. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Your deposit amount will depend on the length of time booked for, and the amount of pets booked for/size of pets. You are welcome to pay your full amount up front, however the deposit amount will not be refunded should you need to cancel. If you do need to cancel under 14 days prior to your board, you will be charged the full board amount. Deposits must be paid within 14 days of receiving your confirmation email. If you arrive out of hours, you will be charged the out of hours fee.
All belongings left with animals are left at the owners own risk. We ask that belongings are clearly named. All animals are insured whilst boarding, but veterinary fees for new treatments / pre-existing conditions may be incurred on behalf of the owner at the owners discretion. You will be asked if you have pet health insurance. Any owner requiring their dog/cat to share accommodation does so at their own risk. Should there be any issues with pets sharing accommodation, the staff at Greendale will contact the owner immediately to make alternative arrangements. If we need to separate your pets, you will be charged for any additional kennel/pen used.
Any medications will be given to the animal per instructions provided by the owner. We are NOT a veterinary kennels. We no longer give injections to dogs and cats. Please provide us with an emergency contact. I AGREE to pay any vet bills in full before removing my dogs/cat