You MUST provide us with an emergency contact prior to boarding with us. This contact must be within an hours drive of the Kennels/Cattery and must be able to collect your pet if needed. Your vet may be able to provide you with a confirmation letter of them being your emergency contact. Failure to provide an emergency contact will result in NO ENTRY. 


  1. Prevention of the spread of disease or infection with dogs/cats.
  2. Daily cleaning within the living quarters.
    • Dogs
    • Cats
    • Dog Deep Cleans
    • Cat Deep Cleans
  3. Vaccination Policy.
  4. Food Policy.
  5. Medicating and Daily Monitoring Boarding Animals.
  6. Dog Walking Procedure.
  7. Emergency procedure in the event of loss of Electricity or Water.
    • Electricity
    • Water
  8. The care of animals in the event of a fire/ other extreme circumstances.
  9. Staff Training.
  10. Accepting New Dog/Cat Boarders
  11. Kennelling Dogs under the Age of one year old.
  12. Transporting animals on and off the premises of Greendale Farm Kennels and Cattery.
  13. Toy Play for Dogs and Cats.
  14. Death/Escape Procedure
  15. Greendale Farm Kennels and Cattery Hydrotherapy Pool Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

15.1 Immediate Danger

15.2 Handling Casualties

15.3 Dealing with the Non-Injured

15.4 Helping the Emergency Services

15.5 Protecting the Property

  1. Cancellation Policy
  2. Microchip Procedure
  3. Under 16 Policy
  4. Work placement Policy

1.0 Prevention of the spread of disease or infection with dogs/cats at Greendale Farm Policy.

Should a disease or infectious outbreak become apparent on the premises of Greendale Farm Kennels and Cattery, the local vets will be notified immediately.

The infected or ill animal will be seen immediately by a vet and either transported by Greendale Farm to the vet, or the vet will come to the site.

An up to date vaccination booklet must be seem upon entering the kennels/cattery for animals to board. Dogs must have their annual boosters including the Lepto vaccine as well as the Kennel Cough Vaccine.

Dogs must be vaccinated against parvovirus, distemper, leptospirosis, and hepatitis as well as kennel cough. Cats must have their annual boosters vaccinating them against cat flu, panleukopenia and herpesvirus.

Dogs and cats must have the required vaccinations for their own safety as well as the other animals in Greendale Farm’s care.

Fleaing and worming your animals is done at the owners personal choice. If staff at Greendale Farm notice an animal has worms, fleas or any other parasite, they will be in contact with the owner to arrange a vet visit at the animal owners discretion.

If a dog becomes ill, it will then be moved down to the isolation block. If a cat, they will be kept in their pen away from other cats and will not be let out into the play conservatory.

In the case of a dog, this block will be equipped with the appropriate dip trays to prevent spreading the disease, the needed chemicals in order to clean and disinfect the kennels on a daily and regular basis.

In the case of a cat, the cattery will have dip trays on the main doors, and separate cleaning equipment for that cat pen.

The chemicals used to clean all of the living quarters are supplied by GHS direct. These are, Vira-Care, Baca-Care, and Boquet. These are award winning products that are all animal safe.

One member of staff will be allocated to the Isolation block. This member of staff will be a senior member of staff and will not have any interactions with other animals at Greendale Farm Kennels and Cattery.

After cleaning the isolation block, they will immediately change their uniform and place the dirty uniform straight in the washing machine alone to be washed thoroughly. They will also change their footwear.

All isolation bedding, chemicals, bowls etc will be kept in the block. These will not be moved and will only be handled by the senior member of staff that has been assigned to the block. They will be washed separately.

This member of staff will be giving the needed attention to the animal. The allocated member of staff will be visiting the animal every 30 minutes to ensure they are getting the best care possible.

All cattery bedding, chemicals and bowls will be kept in the cattery. In the event of an infection or disease, these will be washed separately. Dip trays will be presented around the cattery, and only one member of staff will handle that specific cat ONLY.

Hands and arms must be washed before entering another building.

Greendale Farm Kennels and Cattery do NOT take in stray dogs from the council or local