Here at Greendale Farm we are licensed to hold up to 70 dogs. We have 2 main separate kennel blocks, the Old Block and Sally’s New Block.


(Bookings are also on a first come first serve basis, so please make sure you book in advance to secure your pets place!)

Greendale Farm Kennels

Old Block

The old kennel building was built in the 1970’s. It had a complete renovation within the building 4 years ago. We removed all the interior walls and ceiling and completely rebuilt using new higher grade insulation and metal caging to produce a wonderful new environment for the dogs. Each kennel has its own heat lamps and an outside run as well as plastic beds, fleeces and water bowls. We mainly use this kennel block for the larger breeds or if 2 or more dogs come in from the same family.

Sally’s New Block

We have a new kennel block which was built in 2011 with 20 kennels including 2 double kennels. This kennel block works on a pop-hatch system so the dogs have access inside and outside all day. All the kennels are fitted with individual heat lamps as well as having plastic beds, fleeces and water bowls.

The majority of our new customers will board within this block.
If your dog has never been with us, we recommend booking your dog in for a couple of night boards before they do a long stay. This then gives them the chance to get to know their surroundings and the staff.

Greendale Farm Kennels
Greendale Farm Kennels

Isolation Block

Isolation is located away from our two other blocks as consists of 4 kennels. The kennel block works on a pop-hatch system so the dogs have access inside and outside all day. All the kennels have plastic beds, fleeces, water bowls and heating.

This block is perfect for our more nervous dogs, or dogs that suffer from behavioural problems. We are more than happy to do additional kennel training with dogs that suffer from behavioural problems. We are happy to accept any dog to board with us no matter how big or small the problem, providing they are comfortable in the environment and happy to stay!

Did you know we accept food toys/boredom breakers for your dogs and cats while they are with us? We also have a massive range of food toys that we can give your dog! In order for us to use our food enrichment, please sign an enrichment form in reception. We are more than happy to give your animal something extra to do!

We accept:

  • Kong’s
  • Kong Wobblers
  • Anti-Gobble Bowls
  • Treat/Food Balls

Please ensure anything you bring in with you is clearly labelled with a permanent marker! Please also note that we do not give the dogs certain treats, and certain chews due to the choking hazard, so feel free to check with us prior to your stay.

(Pictured above are just a select few of some of our feeding and enrichment toys!)


Cash or Card payment is fine. Payment must be made in full on arrival.


Small = £22.00
Medium = £24.00
Large = £26.00
Giant = £27.00

Boarding Prices for 2 or more Dogs per Kennel get a 10% Discount.

If you pick up between 8.30 am and 9 am Monday to Saturday you will not be charged for that day.

Deposits are non refundable and non transferable regardless of the amount of notice given. You will be asked to sign a form in reception when you drop your pet off to say you are aware of this. 

We also charge for:
Out of hours medication after 5pm – £10.00 per night.
Vet transportation – £25.00 per visit.
Out of hours entry – £25.00

SCHOOL HOLIDAY PERIODS – Deposits will be asked for to secure bookings, however you will receive this back once you pay on arrival for your boarding. All deposits taken are NON REFUNDABLE, NON TRANSFERABLE and will not be used as credit for a future booking. Due to being such a popular facility, we get fully booked exceptionally fast, and have waiting lists for our holiday periods.

CHRISTMAS – Over the Christmas period prices will increase an extra £3.00 per dog per day. There will also be NO 10% discount given for dogs sharing a kennel.

As of the 1st September 2019, should you wish to shorten your pets board within holidays, you will need to give us a minimum of 2 week’s notice prior to the board. Our holidays include, February half term, Easter holidays, May half term, Summer holidays, October Half term and Christmas holidays. If you do not give us 2 week’s notice, then you will have to pay the full board you originally booked. This is due to too many bookings being shortened at too late notice when that kennel/cat pen could have been filled by another boarder. Please remember, we do have constant waiting lists for our kennels and cat pens during our busy periods, so giving us the two or more weeks’ notice means we can give that space to another boarder. Thank you all for your continued support!

Please read below some more information that may help with any questions you may have.

Greendale Farm Kennels

Kennels Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday
8:30am – 11:00am
3:00pm – 5:00pm

(If you pick up between 8:30 and 9:00am you do not get charged for the day)

10:00am – 11:30am
3:30pm – 4:30pm

(Afternoon is for collections only, no drop offs. If you drop off in the afternoon on the Sunday, you will be charged the out of hours fee).

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before closing time for drop off’s. This is to ensure we can get your pet fully settled in, and all the paperwork done. 

There is now a £25.00 Surcharge if you come out of hours.
If your dogs have shared the same living quarters before when boarding with us but you now wish for them to have their own space (i.e. not sharing), then you will be charged at the normal rate, please see boarding prices.
As always thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

Greendale Phone lines open from 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Sunday.

Hydrotherapy Pool Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday
8am – 4pm

Hydrotherapy pool open for business as usual.

Greendale Phone lines open from 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Sunday.

Veterinary Treatment, Veterinary Details and Giving Medication

Your dog will be insured during their stay with us. Veterinary fees for new and pre-existing conditions may be incurred on behalf of the owner, at the manager’s discretion.

We are always happy to continue any veterinary treatment your dog may be on, so long as details of all treatment is provided, including name and telephone number of your vet.

We also complete daily health checks on all our boarding animals, checking their eyes, ears, nose, body, nails etc.

If your dog requires veterinary attention whilst in our care, we mainly try to use the vets you already have your dog registered to. Here at Greendale Farm we use Crossroads Veterinary Centre in High Wycombe for any emergency cases because they are on call 24 hours a day.

Tel: 01494 459095

All the senior members of staff are experienced with giving medications and we have a handful of senior staff members that can give injections. We do ask that you fill out one of our Disclaimer forms and bring the medication in a labelled container with clear instructions when they need to be given and the dosage.

Greendale Farm Kennels

Bedding and Toys and Treats

We are more than happy to accept any items such as bedding and toys, as these may help your pet settle into its new environment. We provide plastic beds and fleeces in all the kennels and also have a massive range of blankets, duvets and soft beds too, but we do ask that if you bring in  your own bedding that it MUST BE CLEARLY NAMED. If the bedding can be machine washable just in case it gets heavily soiled this is also preferred.  Our strict hygiene practices occasionally oblige us to throw away bedding you have bought in if it gets heavily soiled. We usually put your extra bedding in with ours in a plastic bed, however if your dog doesn’t like plastic beds we can easily remove this! We also have a few raised beds for our older dogs, and padded arthritis beds. We do ask that you DO NOT bring crates due to hygiene and limited space for your dog, however if there is a specific reason your dog needs a crate, please call and speak to us about it – we try and tailor everything to your pet as best we can! We do provide bonio’s and chewdals as bedtime treats here but you are more than welcome to bring in any treats you know your dog likes. We do not give bones, raw hide or any other treat that is long lasting that can be a choking hazard. We are also always fully stocked up on primula squeezy cheese, cocktail sausages and lots of other high value treats which we can give to your dog in their kennel and when out and about providing you are happy for us to do this! We can not promise bedding will be returned if it is not labelled!


We ask that your dog is fully vaccinated for their stay, we require the yearly booster vaccination and the kennel cough vaccine. A current vaccination certificate will need to be seen. All Vaccinations must be up to date a minimum of 14 days before entry. If the vaccinations have not been done then unfortunately we will have to deny your dog entry. If you do not bring in your vaccination certificate then we do have a £5 administration fee for calls we will have to make to your vet.

This includes the booster which can be done every one or three years depending on the vaccine, which protects against parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis. Dogs must also be vaccinated against kennel cough which will need to be done annually, and leptospirosis, which depending on the vaccine will need to be done between every 6 months or every year.

Please remember ALL vaccinations must be up to date before entry.
ALL vaccinations, including kennel cough, must be done AT LEAST 14 days prior to your pets board.

If you have to start a new course of vaccinations, our 14 day policy begins after the second vaccination of that course.

ALL vaccines must be done 14 days prior to your board, however if you get your DHP booster vaccine administered separately, we will accept this as early as the day after its done. This is due to the DHP booster NOT being a live vaccine. When an annual booster course gets re-started if it has expired, your pet will need to have had the primary vaccines, then 3 / 4 weeks later have the secondary course of vaccines, and then wait the 14 day period. The 14 day period starts from the day any new vaccine is administered, even if the old vaccine is still in date. If you get your vaccines done separately (Eg for dogs: KC in one month, and the DHP/Lepto another) please make sure all are up to date for a board. For dogs that come from overseas, please check with your vet that your dog has had all inoculations INCLUDING the kennel cough.


We try to keep your pets feeding routine as close to what they are used to, we do stock a range of adult foods, which we would be happy to feed your dog on. We do recommend that if your pet has a delicate tummy or is on a special diet / brand of food, or is on puppy food that you supply it yourself. Please let us know if you feed your large breed from a raised bowl as we provide the stands and hooks which attach onto the kennels.

The food we can provide is:

Dry food

Fish and Rice flavoured James Wellbeloved                                                                        
Turkey and Rice flavoured James Wellbeloved                                                                    
Fold Hill Mixer                                                                                                                                

Wet food

Pedigree meat – Chicken in Jelly
Natures Deli – Chicken and Rice
Chappie – Plain 
Butchers – Tripe

We are more than happy to feed raw food, and have a large freezer to store this. We also have grain free treats for our boarders who are on a grain free diet, however we do not supply a fully grain free food. The treats we supply are: High Value – Cocktail Sausages, Primula Cheese, Hotdogs etc, Dried Treats – Pedigree Cheesy Bites, Training treats and Biscuits –  Bonio’s and Chewdalls


We walk the dogs once a day for around 10-20 mins either on lead of off lead – your choice!, maybe twice in quieter times. We have a large paddock area where we let dogs off the lead to have a run around and play with the tennis balls/footballs and other toys. We have a field that we use for the dogs that have to stay on the lead, and then we also have a ‘side paddock’ attached to Sally’s New Block kennels that we use for the older or smaller breeds that can also go off lead. We do not socialise dogs while they are boarding with us. They will get full 1-2-1 attention from the staff. Dogs will only be socialised with other dogs if they are from the same household, or in the event two owners know each other and have provided the manager with written consent from both households for the dogs to be socialised together.

When you bring your dog in to board with us, you will be asked to sign a form stating how you would like your dog to be walked, either on or off lead. If you wish for your dog to be walked on a harness, please also provide this along with a muzzle if necessary. Please also let us know if your dog is reactive towards other dogs. If they are, it is no problem! We can make sure there are no other dogs exercising in other paddocks or within view so that your dog gets a stress free walk!

All our exercise facilities are filled with toys, agility equipment and we now have our new sensory garden in our on lead area for your dogs! We do prefer to walk your dogs on a harness so that they do not inflict pain on their necks while pulling, so if you do not have one – we have plenty! If your dog is not comfortable wearing one, or you don’t want us to use one, just let us know! We will not accept any form of aversive training equipment including prong collars, shock collars, spray collars, or anything that could inflict pain on your dog. We ONLY use reward based and force free methods at Greendale Farm.

Behaviour in kennels

The majority of the dogs love staying here with us, but a handful may find the adjustment difficult to cope with. Our staff have a huge amount of experience between them and know how to react around a stressed dog. Our main concern is the welfare of your dog; some dogs may not let us handle them even with a lot of encouragement. We will do everything in our power to make your pets stay as comfortable as possible and to look after them until your return. In some instances, your dog may not want us to handle them no matter how much encouragement we give them, we will try our hardest to build their trust, this may not work. In severe cases, we may need to contact whoever has been named as the contact or we will advise you of the behaviour displayed when collecting your dog. For this reason, we highly recommend all new customers making a few night board bookings before any long stays, so we can see how your dog copes in the kennel environment, but also so they can adapt to it. We also recommend when making these bookings that there is someone contactable locally to come and get your dog if they are not enjoying their stay. We do offer a kennel training service, where the staff can bond with your dog and build up the process over a long time. This is perfect for nervous dogs around people or new places – all of this is done through positive reinforcement, force free, reward based associations! We are also more than happy to accept dogs with behavioural problems, providing we know the extent of the problem first, and you are happy to work with us through the kennel training process if needed to ensure your dog feels completely comfortable. If we do not feel kennels is the right environment for your dog, we can give you local contacts of home boarders and pet sitters.

If you have any questions or queries regarding behaviour in kennels, please do get in contact with us! We would be more than happy to show you around everywhere and chat to you!

Greendale Farm New Block
Greendale Farm Old Block